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The Picnic at Lake Lipno


Create a romantic atmosphere with someone special or enjoy some special family time with the Picnic at Lake Lipno!

We'll be glad to prepare a picnic basket for you with a wide range of food, all the accessories you'll need, and we'll even pack a blanket to make it more cozy for you.

You can choose whatever from our selection you would like us to fill your basket with.

You can enjoy the perfect picnic experience with everything you need in a number of places – at the Lipno beach, at the panoramic spot near the statue of Janus, at the top of Kramolín, or even on the electric boat on the waters of the Lipno.
Enjoy the peaceful culinary experiences in the open air!

For more informations and orders:

  • At the Paluba Bar of the Captain's Building at Port Marina Lipno
  • On the phone number +420 702 008 247
  • The order of picnic is possible only from June to September (we recommend you to call in advance)